TV and Film


Portlandia – Not only is this show set in the same city as our game, but many of the quirky characters could easily be Changelings themselves.
Grimm – While you would think that a show about a cop who hunts fairy tale creatures would be a perfect influence for this game, the show is sadly not that great. Turn off the sound—you won’t miss anything from the bland lead—and enjoy the lush visuals of the Portland area.
The Inside – This series about a special FBI unit may not seem like a big source of influence at first, but this is totally a show about a Changeling who was abducted as a child and uses that experience to hunt down those who serve the True Fae.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Like the best fairy tales, this now classic TV series was well known for using the supernatural as a stand in for the pains of growing up. Particular episodes with and extra-dose of fairy tale themes: Killed by Death, Gingerbread, Hush.


Labyrinth – An obvious movie to watch. David Bowie’s Jereth is a Goblin King.
Mirrormask – A spiritual successor to Labyrinth. Excellent visuals from McKean, but Gaiman’s story falls a bit short.
Coraline – The Other Mother is a True Fae with a thing for children…
Ink – The opening seen could easily represent a Motley sworn to protect the dreams of children from a marauding Fae loyalist.

TV and Film

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